Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Technical Innovation in Rubber Science & Technology : Recycled Rubbers

Recycled rubbers - Reclaimed rubbers, rowdered rubber, rubber crumbs, devalcanised rubber, depolymerised rubber etc. constitute essential compounding ingredients in rubber science and technology. In view of our tremendous efforts to conserve energy and to combat imminent oil crisis, which have brought senior technologist  band industrial consultants of the world to undertake endeavors in utilizing wastes into economically viable wealth.

Our subject has, by and large been highly appreciated among industrial consultants as regards the distinct advantages, having been made available through the judicious applications of rubber products - adhesives, sealants anti-vibratory shock absorbs, besides of course the automobile tires an tubes, cycle tires and tubes transmission belting and industrial hoses, storage batteries, ebonite products, automobile components etc. Our emphasis has primarily been more on the awakening consciousness for different types of recycled rubber products for potential source of course is reclaimed rubber and guided sponsorship through institutions as well as efforts for incorporation adequate facilities for scrapped materials, exports incentives and of late, the  trend to offer transfer of technology and turn key implementation of reclaimed rubber projects in other developing countries.

Need for Proper Planning:

Amidst the terrible psychology of economic recession , our country has like many other countries of the world also been encountered with enormous problems but one of the blessings in disguise, should be the rehabilitation of the industry with a universal slogan: "Slimming down the excess capacity".

With the advent of serious planning through the Government sponsored financing institutions, consultancy bureaus, senior scientists and technologists as well as planners, it is definitely a time to assert strenuous efforts to cut costs, improve efficiency and diversity into new products if convenient for competitive markets. This is certainly not an opportune time with high interest rates and its adverse burdens on the overall economy of the industrial organised sector. Many companies are still bursting with more and more capital  to invest.In these glaring irregularities prevalent all over the economic fronts, no wonder, The Indian Rubber Reclaimers Association, have drawn the attention of the Government of India about the excessive installed capacity of reclaimed rubber(a form of Recycled Rubber) in the organised sector.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reclaim Rubber for the future

Varun Polymers has been a leader in the rubber industry for more than 20 years. The aim of the company has always been to promote life among all of us. The idea is to get in sync with mother nature and work for green initiative. So, we work for the recycling of used rubber tires so that we can use recycled rubber in n number of rubber products.